How we work

Our process is flexible, collaborative and people-focused.

1. Listen

Listen and learn, that’s the first thing we do. We meet with important members of your brand to discuss your needs and establish objectives. We ask you questions and take the time to listen to your answers. We learn what your goals are and what it will take to reach them.

2. Discover

We evaluate your brand, explore your industry, research your competitors, and get to know your customers. Then we interpret the data and context to prepare a strategy to identify your competitive advantage and develop your brand positioning.

3. Create

We design visual elements, define copy voice, develop personality and refine the core message of your brand. Each of the elements is strategically aligned to describe and enforce your brand’s essence, values, positioning, and differentiation.

4. Execute

This is where it all comes together. Your new brand is activated. Strategies are implemented. Websites and campaigns are launched. And the public can now engage with your new or redefined brand.

5. Manage

After launch, we continue working with your brand, constantly looking for ways to make it better. We track data, measure results, optimize applications and fine-tune elements to make sure everything is working to meet your strategic goals.

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